Gachapon: Purely Japan

Gachapon is unique toys made from Japan. They were a result of trying to organize toys being sold in vending machines that come out mixed together. From this humble beginning of the gachapon, now it is a big industry allowing companies to earn a very big amount of income. As the toy becomes popular and is being sold also at low prices, companies enter the market and have made also the leap to charge an amount higher than what it was originally priced.

It is a gamble but it paid off as the company have made their sales and earn an income. Now, it is one toy that is for all ages in Japan. There are even toy collectors who collect them because they come in different contents every month. They were produced in batches and only a few are being made again. this is very interesting as these toys vary widely. They could be the one that contains anime characters in the miniature form. They could be also of food like sushi. Other contents are bicycles, cars, insects, trains, motorcycles, cats, dolls, and many more.

Those many more could also come in a wacky form like camping lanterns, office chairs, ramen, headscarf, cute girls, cats that show their butts and let us just imagine what could be the others. We cannot list all of them. But what is sure is that this is a big industry and you could go to Japan and they have plenty of shops you can buy them. There are many non-Japanese customers you will see.