The Facts: Traditional Games vs Modern Game

In the past when technology was not yet developed into a higher form of technology, children enjoy playing games known as traditional games. There are different rules for each game but anyway it is for entertainment purposes. Each country differs in their traditional games. Usually, kids play sports in the past before the video game and the computer game became very popular. The modern game refers to the computer games that makes not only children but also adults addicted to it with only few tries.

Traditional game is also known as the cultural game. It would be good to experience the cultural games of other countries. In Greece, they have their traditional game known as “Statues”. As the title of the game says, the person should act like a statue without moving so that he will not lose in the game. In Pakistan, their traditional game is called “Ounch Neech”. This game is all about choosing “up” or “down”. What about the cultural game in Ghana? It is called “Pilolo”.

Traditional games are really fun unlike modern games which affects the brain and the health of a player. If a computer game player just sits in front of the computer for a couple of minutes, he will surely extend it until it becomes a couple of hours. If this continually happen, nothing good will be beneficial to the player. Also take a chance for an environment protection for your child safeness, more source Like this, traditional games or cultural games are much better choices if you want to play a game.