Dolls are normal toys for kids. they could play with them all day and let them be dressed the way they want or they brush their hairs or everything they do with dolls. In the tradition, it was used first in rituals as they are in human form. These dolls are used for magic purposes and they are made of wood or clay. They are found in various continents like Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. They can date back to the ancient times. But it had come a long way.

Now it is a toy that kids enjoy and it is one that has been produced millions of times in different sizes also. It is one of the common gifts that female children receive during holidays or occasions like their birthday. They are usually loved and so kids can envy each other sometimes when they saw someone who has more or more beautiful doll. Dolls can now be based on any known character like singers or Barbie and many more. They are male and female versions.

Dolls are even part of a collection. There are those who collect and just let the dolls be kept in their containers and let it be on display as they were bought not for playing but for their collection. There are also different materials that dolls were made from. they can be in cloth material or porcelain one or in the plastic version. porcelain ones can come from China or the ones that were made from Germany.